Prevention of silicosis from stone and quartz cutting

1 Feb 2022

Silicosis prevention is essential, but what is silicosis?

Silicosis is pneumoconiosis caused by inhalation of silica molecules. Pneumoconiosis is understood to be the disease caused by a deposit of dust in the lungs with a pathological reaction against it.

Silicosis prevention: how to avoid it and what are its problems

Granite and Silestone Silicosis

The increasing increase in silicosis cases is of increasing concern. Since it generates an important problem in the stone sector. It is very common to find companies that do not take any type of measure for the necessary prevention and protection. Of workers who are exposed daily to this risk to their health, silica dust. Which is generated by cutting granite or even quartz agglomerate, such as Silestone among other brands. Maser continues with the awareness and prevention campaign to eradicate this disease that increasingly affects a greater number of workers


European Union legislation on silicosis and how it affects Spain

The EU recognized the carcinogenicity of free silica dust. This means that it has been incorporated into the Directive on occupational protection to exposure to carcinogenic substances, such as silica. Thanks to the European Union, since January it has been considered a carcinogenic substance in Spain.

The limit has been set at 0.05 mg / m3, although until December 31 of this year (2021) there is a transitional provision for 0.1 mg / m3 to be applied. In work centers and workshops, hygiene and separation of areas should be reinforced as much as possible.

How can we do to have a good prevention against silicosis?

The awareness of the employer and the workers is the first step to stop the appearance of cases of the disease. Some measures recommended by the Guide for risk control due to exposure to CRYSTAL RESPIRABLE SILICA, prepared by the Ministry of Industry and the INS, would be:

  1. The protection.
  2. Machinery maintenance.
  3. The incorporation of new tools and equipment.

Maser With its almost half a century of experience in the sector, it is at the forefront of the latest technology. Offering resources to facilitate daily work, as well as promoting awareness measures among companies in the sector. Over the last few years, we have introduced a new range of products to the market. Among them, those that allow the aspiration and filtering of dust stand out.



The dust extraction and filtering cabinets are the best system to avoid breathing silica dust when working with natural stone. As well as quartz agglomerates (Silestone silicosis, produced by the silica that it emits when it is worked) or other types of materials. For this reason, at MASER we present the dust extraction and filtering cabin.

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The vacuum center ranges from 2 meters to 6 meters. In addition, it has a special Teflon polyester filter system. Which drastically reduces the need for maintenance. Allowing even use with water without any risk of deterioration.

Four linear filter filters are included in this cabin, guaranteeing 99.8% efficient filtration, fully respecting European and international standards. The use of cartridge filters, instead of traditional sleeves, guarantees a larger filter surface area and therefore less maintenance.

Polyethylene cartridge filters (instead of traditional paper) guarantee a longer life cycle, greater resistance and less maintenance.

Regarding the cleaning cycle of the cartridges, it is carried out by means of a compressed air blowing process, frequently called a cyclone, collected in a 19-liter tank per linear meter installed at the back of the suction cabin and controlled by specific electrovalves. .

In addition, the pressure and frequency of the air backwash can be regulated by a digital cyclic timer with built-in differential pressure gauge.

At this time the filtered air comes out through the upper side of the suction cabin, pushed by the fans present in the same cabin.


On the other hand, the machine for special filter maintenance can be accessed through front and rear panels. These being easily removable.

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On request, you can put a front drawer (fixed or mobile) of different dimensions, in Plexiglas, in steel or in acoustically absorbent panels. Allowing the person who uses it to work even at a moderate distance, improving aspiration in the work area.

The differences that exist with respect to the traditional dry cabins on the market:

  • Greater filtering surface. Which implies less maintenance. Avoiding a continuous change of filters and a continuous production of solid waste.
  • Better quality of filter material.
  • Greater amount of air available in the backwash. For a more efficient filter cleaning process. Thus guaranteeing a further extension of its life cycle.
  • The only dry suction machine on the market in stainless steel.



The dust and water suction cabin that we offer at MASER are made entirely of premium quality stainless steel, certified Outokumpu, with folding pressing and laser cutting.prevención de la silicosis, polvo, polvo de silicosis, silicosis, la silicosis, piedra natural, maquinaria para piedra, marmol, piedra natural, granito, 6

Thus ensuring a longer duration in time, a higher general quality and therefore a lower devaluation of the machine over the years.

The operation and use of the system of our dust extraction booth with water is the MODULBOX. This foresees that the operator works in front of the module behind the water curtain and the linear suction slot.

The dust that is produced while we work is sucked in by means of fans, through the slot between the tank and the water curtain.

Initially part of this dust is eliminated by the external water curtain, while the rest is stopped by a water nebulization system, located inside the system.


On the other hand, this cabin has unique characteristics. What make it a very good product for the prevention of silicosis:


prevención de la silicosis, polvo, polvo de silicosis, silicosis, la silicosis, piedra natural, maquinaria para piedra, marmol, piedra natural, granito, 8


  • The module also has high quality honeycomb PVC drop separator panels (without straw or similar material). Which comply with the CTI136 and ASTM E-84 regulations for self-extinguishing and suitable for separating water from the exhaust air. Reducing the environmental impact, saving water and avoiding bacterial proliferation phenomena.
  • These panels can be easily removed from the front. No need for the operator to climb onto the roof of the machine and uncomfortably enter from the top for routine maintenance.
  • The purified air comes out through the upper part of the machine. Allowing its recirculation in the environment.
  • The dust thus eliminated is collected in the underlying inclined tank, with adequate capacity, turning into sludge and thus avoiding any possibility of air-dispersion in the environment. Thanks to its particular inclination, the tank reduces maintenance operations by the operator to a minimum.
  • The water present in the system is recirculated. Always through a submerged pump with a stainless steel pump body and rotor.


What are the other solutions proposed by MASER for the prevention of occupational silicosis?

The awareness and prevention campaign for the eradication of silicosis. It is being carried out through MASER to convey to our clients, through our communication and commercial network, the importance of adapting their businesses. As well as the necessary incorporation of new tools, such as pneumatic manual machines, which do not involve a large outlay and guarantee the best results.

It is important to create routines. As well as controlling its application to guarantee the performance of daily tasks in safe conditions from exposure to silica dust. Examples of these are:

  • Check the correct operation of the prevention systems (supply of humidity, aspirations, etc.). This step is prior to the start of the activity that generates dust in suspension (drilling, use of hammers, pouring and transferring materials, sawing and cutting, etc.).
  • Good practices for operators when leaving the cabins (of mobile machinery or fixed installations).
  • Instructions or authorizations for specific jobs with high exposure to dust. This can occur with certain cleaning and maintenance tasks. For example, filters or capture equipment. And it is that the maintenance of the equipment is thought to guarantee its adequate functioning during its use and avoid exposure to dust.



This industrial vacuum cleaner is compact to obtain a better absorption of fine dust, with 2 motors and 2 secondary HEPA D.O.P. filter. It also has other features such as: 12

  • Easy transport and use
  • Direct connection to tools
  • Manual cleaning system: differential filter
  • Without bottom plate: perfect dust discharge from filters 1 HEPA + PTFE primary filters
  • Collection system: Longopac® continuous bags, removes dust without polluting the air




It is a very compact stainless steel industrial vacuum cleaner, perfect for very fine dust. Includes 2 single-phase by-pass motors and 2 HEPA + PTFE filters. It has other qualities such as:

  • Direct connection to the tool
  • Self-cleaning without interrupting suction and without operator intervention
  • Easy transport
  • Filter protection: better cyclonic effect
  • Multiple filter system vacuum 20L tank: quick release, quick disposal


Also compact industrial vacuum cleaner for the absorption of fine dust, easy to transport and maneuver. What’s more:


  • Direct connection to tools
  • Manual cleaning system: differential filter
  • Without bottom plate: perfect dust discharge from filters 1 motor / 1 secondary HEPA D.O.P. filter / 1 primary filters HEPA + PTFE
  • Collection system: Longopac® continuous bags, removes dust without polluting the air


This single phase vacuum cleaner is also perfect for compact dust and solids. It also has high technology. On the other hand, it includes different features such as:

  • Direct connection to tools for use on the go
  • Compact with great maneuverability
  • Robust For the tightest places, facilitating routine cleaning
  • Reduces cleaning times Semi-automatic filter cleaning system
  • Filtering system Filter protection


Maser offers in its catalog a series of accessories such as suction housings for grinders that avoid this toxic cloud during dry work. And that sadly is the cause of silicosis.




You will also find the included suction cover with guide for Alpha angle grinder. This cover stands out for its guide with suction system for debris and dust during cutting, for high-speed angle grinder.





On the other hand, we now find products that are as innovative as they are necessary. At MASER we have vacuum cleaners that will make your work easier. At the end of which you can place the suction mouth for dust and water vertically and horizontally, which allows you to work both dry and wet. Thus making a good prevention of silicosis with this product




MASERgo ahead with the awareness campaign. Presenting thus to the companies of the sector our experience, knowledge and help to achieve the disappearance of the cases and above all, emphasizing the prevention of silicosis. A disease that affects us all, and that should be eradicated.

On the other hand, we have the equipment for the prevention of silicosis, which causes so much damage to all the people who work in the sector. Ask us for advice if you want to know more how to prevent these future problems in your workshop.

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